Values statement

go to link Stemming from the Christian ethos The Cogwheel Trust’s values are:-

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where to buy doxycycline in Australia follow site Cogwheel affirms the value of every person: All people connected with Cogwheel are valued for who they are and encouraged, supported and challenged to become what they can be. Cogwheel is characterised by inclusiveness, diversity and mutual respect.

buy bactrim in Charleroi Belgium Cogwheel encourages personal development and positive change: We start with the belief that each person is unique and deserves to be respected and genuinely cared for as they are; and as someone who has a future to be discovered and developed.

go where to buy bactrim 480mg Cogwheel values participation:  All people have a valuable contribution to make in shaping services, helping others, building relationships and strengthening communities.  Cogwheel works with the community, not just for the community, and seeks opportunities for all people to participate in its mission.