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Our History

Cogwheel began in 1988 and one of the founding members was Jenny Joice a practising Christian who following her own personal turbulent history was inspired to collaborate with others to open up a counselling centre which would be readily available to people.

She worked with others in her Church communities to provide a voluntary and accessible counselling service to those in need. Initially the counsellors worked from a Christian perspective but Jenny was adamant that the counselling should not be confined by the narrow limitations of the training and practices of the prevailing Christian counselling courses.

To quote from Jenny “unlike other Christian Counselling Services springing up at the time key to the Cogwheel vision was a real sense of communal interdependence, a flat organisation which offered the wider Cambridge community love and understanding in action, with no hidden agenda of evangelism or placing ‘bums on pews’. Counsellors were expected to have undertaken rigorous training on accredited secular courses. One of the riches of this communal life was that with so many counsellors trained and working with different therapeutic models, understanding and learning continued through shared supervision (sic)”

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