Counselling for families

For children and young people struggling with difficulties such as anxiety and oppositional defiant disorders, family therapy – where children attend counselling sessions with one or more of their parents or family members – can be an effective solution.

Cogwheel Counselling has been providing affordable counselling to people in Cambridgeshire since 1988 and family counselling has been part of our services for the majority of this time.

When a child comes for an evaluation with us, in many cases we will recommend our family therapy service – this, of course, is not a requirement but it is something we encourage. There are many reasons why a child might be experiencing issues such as anxiety and depression and, to uncover what these reasons are, it is important that we explore the environment the child is living in. It is a collaborative process and understanding the interplay between the emotional states of different family members is key to systemic therapy.

I need more urgent help

If you are finding yourself having thoughts of suicide or self-harm, it is important that you seek help by calling one of the following numbers: 


If you need help because of domestic abuse or violence, please don’t wait:

  • Call the National Domestic Abuse Helpline Refuge on 0808 2000 247
  • For instructions on what to do if you need urgent police help through the 999 service but can’t speak, click here.

The government has increased support for people under threat of domestic abuse, and there are several organisations who can help:

Support for victims of domestic abuse

If you are experiencing any form of violence or abuse from somebody you live with, remote counselling may not be suitable and could even put you at further risk of harm during national Covid-19 measures.

If you are concerned about your own behaviour towards others, or think that you are at risk of hurting somebody you live with: