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Is online or telephone counselling right for me?

Cogwheel is here to support you with a range of difficulties either online or by phone, including stress or other problems with your emotional wellbeing because of the Covid-19 crisis. If you would like to begin remote counselling, you will need to have access to a private space at home where you won’t be disturbed or overheard, for one hour each week. 

If you are seeking counselling because of more complex or severe mental health conditions, in some cases it may be more appropriate to have an assessment once we are able to meet with you face-to-face. This is because it can be more difficult for us to help you stay safe during and after counselling sessions delivered remotely. Click here for other organisations you can contact for support while waiting for face-to-face counselling. 

  • We will need some information from you before we can offer you an assessment with one of our counsellors. To access the ‘Pre-assessment’ section click here.

Pre-assessment forms

  • You will need to complete a questionnaire to will help us to understand what life is like for you just now and how we can help. Questionnaire available here.
  • There are new arrangements for counselling session contributions  being introduced for new clients. Please click here for information.
  • Links to other support organisations here.
  • What to do if you need more urgent help. I need urgent help.