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We provide counselling in Cambridge, Ely, and Sawston.

Our office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 4:30pm.

When you ring you will speak to one of two Administrators who will take some personal details like your name, address, availability for a consultation and any other details that you would care to share at this point. The Administrator will run through some basic information about the Charity our requests for contribution and our location.
You are free to stop the referral at any point and you are not committing yourself to anything at this juncture. However, if you wish to proceed you will be told that the Administrator will be in touch in due course to offer you an initial meeting or consultation with an assessor.

Initial assessment

If you decide you wish to proceed you will be offered a first appointment. This is for assessment purposes where some background history is taken and is not a counselling session. It is an opportunity to talk about why you have come to counselling and what you would like from it. The assessor will give you information about the kind of counselling that is offered and what you can expect from us. There is also some practical discussion regarding your availability, (the more flexible you can be the more readily you will be allocated a counsellor), the financial contribution you are able to make on a regular basis and the commitment required of you in undertaking counselling. We make it clear that should you decide to embark upon counselling you will be asked to attend counselling at the same time with the same time counsellor every week for an agreed period. As a rule counselling is confidential and the assessor will explain what this means in practice and the exceptions to the rule. At the end of the assessment you will be given an information sheet which reiterates much of the information already given and outlines our mutual commitment, this is for you to read and to return a signed copy if you want to proceed and have regular counselling sessions.  The client agreement form is not a legally binding document but is a useful reminder of the commitment you make in coming for counselling at Cogwheel.

Please down a preview of the Client Agreement Form.

Client Agreement Form

On-going counselling

If you wish to commit to counselling, the Administrator will contact you and arrange for you to start counselling with an allocated and named counsellor. You will see this counsellor at the same time each week for an agreed period. Holiday breaks and cancellations need to be discussed with your allocated counsellor.

All counsellors are supervised and the quality of their work monitored to ensure that an ethical and professional service is being delivered.

At the end of counselling you will be emailed a brief questionnaire regarding your experience of the counselling service. This allows us to monitor and improve the quality of the service. Your replies are anonymised and confidential and therefore you may have complete confidence in giving us feedback.

What it will cost

Counselling at Cogwheel aims to be affordable for all, and we subsidise the cost for those who are unable to afford the £40 that it costs us to provide a session. We have no set fees, but ask for payment on a sliding scale in line with household income and personal circumstances. For example, if a household is earning a total of £20,000 a year, we would ask if £20 a session is affordable. If a household is earning a total of £35,000 a year, we would ask if £35 a session is affordable.

Your fee will be discussed at the initial consultation, which we also request a contribution for at the rate you have decided with your assessor. We recognise that everyone’s situation is different. We offer sessions for as little as £10 per session to those who are out of work. As a charity we rely on client fees to cover over half of our costs, with the remainder coming from grants and donations. We receive no NHS funding.

In order to provide counselling to as many people as we can, we do need to limit the number of subsidised sessions offered to any one person according to their level of contribution.

Client Agreement Form
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