Frequently Asked Questions Unless couple counselling is being undertaken, Cogwheel can only support one family member at a time. We have no family therapist at the moment but are hoping to raise funds to engage one in the future.


get link Although many of our clients are referred to us by their GPs, Cogwheel is not part of the NHS. It is a non-profit charitable organization that relies entirely on grants and donations from the public. It costs Cogwheel around £40.00 to provide a session of counselling, and clients are asked for contributions according to their means


ampicillin prices UK This is possible, but it depends on the reason you wish to have a different counsellor, because it may indicate an issue that is important and needs to be discussed. As above, clients are urged to talk about it before making any decision.

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amoxicillin 250mg and 500mg If you want to take a break for any reason other than planned holidays, this will need to be talked about in the therapy session. This is because some clients can find counselling a challenging process, or feel that the therapy is happening at a pace that is not right for them – these are issues that need to be brought to the attention of the counsellor, so that they can be talked through. When someone does feel the impulse to stop counselling suddenly, a counsellor would usually encourage him or her to return to counselling to talk about the wish to stop; the client and counsellor would then arrive at a mutual decision about the next step.

ciprofloxacin price for 250mg tablets There are several reasons why people are asked to attend weekly sessions. Most importantly, the regularity allows a therapeutic relationship to develop. In addition, the continuity and consistency of regular meetings allow both the client and counsellor to keep track of how the therapy is progressing. Weekly appointments may also be integral to the kind of therapy on offer. Lastly, it helps the charity organise the flow of clients and ultimately offer counselling to more people. Counselling is less to do with dispensing advice than helping you sift through some of your emotional difficulties and issues, and to process the things that are troubling you.

see url Counselling is best described as a meeting between two people – client and counsellor – that takes place each week so that you can talk about whatever problem, difficulty or issue is adversely affecting your life. Counselling at Cogwheel takes place on a weekly basis, at the same time, with the same counsellor, for a mutually agreed number of sessions.

follow It may not change things, but it may give you a better understanding of yourself and others, which in itself may lead to change. Having the time to explore some of the things that are bothering you can be helpful. Every problem, however big or small, can be talked about. The counsellor is there to listen, not judge or advise. The counsellor will ask questions that are meant to be helpful and to clarify the issues you have brought.