Counselling Support Fund

There is robust evidence suggesting that people on lower incomes are more likely to develop mental health problems. And these very people are least able to afford the counselling help they would need.

To address this, we’ve established the Counselling Support Fund, which allows individuals or families on very low income to access the counselling support they need to improve their mental wellbeing.

How does it work?

Our clients make a financial contribution towards their sessions, but we know that some people who would benefit from receiving counselling may struggle to pay Cogwheel Counselling’s usual minimum contribution rate of £27 per session.

The Counselling Support Fund contributes up to £17 per session for those who are out of work or are reliant on Universal Credit or another benefit.

How can I help?

Our goal is to raise £1,000 per month to provide 100 sessions through the Counselling Support Fund. If you’d like to help us get there, here’s how you can support us:

Take on the Cogwheel 100 Challenge

Why not come up with a challenge based on the number 100 to raise some money? Maybe you and your family could walk 100 miles between you in a month, you could do a 100-minute Zumbathon, or bake 100 biscuits in a day. However you fancy challenging yourself, let us know. We can help you spread the word and collect sponsorship via Facebook or Virgin Money Giving.

Set up a monthly standing order

Each monthly donation of £10 provides a session through the Counselling Support Fund for someone who otherwise would be unable to access support.

Make a one-off donation

If you can’t commit to a regular standing order, a one-off donation can still help. Remember, each £10 we receive is one more session towards meeting our monthly target of 100 sessions.

Get in touch

If you’d like more information about the Counselling Support Fund, or would like to support the fund, please contact our Fundraising Manager, Neil Davies, at