1 in 4 of us
will experience a mental health problem each year
Cogwheel Counselling
has helped many thousands of people of all ages
Thanks to your support
we were able to talk to over 500 people who contacted us,
provided 3,921 assessments and counselling sessions for adults and over 380 counselling sessions for children and young people
Dealing with mental health issues
can be an extremely painful and traumatic time for all in the family
Cogwheel can help you
Mental health problems
in later life can be improved
With the right support you can recover
We encourage
personal development and positive change
We offer you support
and an opportunity to improve your mental health

What is Cogwheel and how can we help you?

Cogwheel Counselling is a Cambridge-based registered charity that provides counselling services in Cambridgeshire to couples, families and individuals of all ages: children, teenagers, young adults, adults and the elderly. The service includes supported affordable provision for those on lower and limited incomes. 

Established in 1988 as The Cogwheel Trust, we’re one of the few counselling services in Cambridgeshire accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Counselling is best described as a meeting between two people, client and counsellor, that takes place each week so you can talk about whatever problem, difficulty or issue is adversely affecting your life.

We are here to support people who are struggling. We can help with worry, stress, burnout, depression, family or relationship problems and other mental health issues you are experiencing.

Some people come in great distress, whilst others seek help with difficult emotions or want help to change their unhelpful patterns of behaviour. Early counselling intervention can, in many cases, prevent more complex health and social needs from developing.

It can be difficult to take the first step and many people feel somewhat hesitant, but seeking help is a very positive thing to do and we are here to offer support.

In our most recent survey, 46% of clients indicated that they were severely or moderately severely distressed at the start of counselling, which reduced to only 12% of clients by the end of their counselling

Visit our counselling pages for more detailed information.

Counselling support for key workers

Has your wellbeing been affected by your working experiences during the pandemic? 

Cogwheel Counselling has a limited number of subsidised counselling places available for key workers. 

To register for counselling costing just £20 per session, click here

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