Counselling Session Contributions

Cogwheel Counselling is a registered charity that provides counselling services for those who need counselling support and on all levels of income.

Cogwheel asks clients to contribute (based on annual household income) toward the cost of each counselling session. Higher income clients are asked to make a session contribution which covers the full cost of providing a session. Cogwheel receives some funding from donations and grants which enables the Charity to provide counselling at reduced cost and supported (affordable) counselling to those on low and limited incomes.

Session contributions

Your session contribution rate will reflect your annual household income, and this will be agreed at your assessment consultation. The same rate applies to both assessment and ongoing counselling sessions.  

We understand that everyone’s circumstances are different, and you might feel that the contribution rate scale does not reflect what is affordable for you. If you believe there are exceptional circumstances we need to consider, we will be happy to discuss this with you.

Individual counselling (adults and children)

Session contribution rates

Household incomeContribution rate
UP TO £19,999*£27 (reductions available)
£20,000 - £24,999£33
£25,000 - £29,999£38
£30,000 - £34,999£49
£35,000 - £49,999£54
£50,000+ £65

Supported counselling

Available for clients with household income of less than £19,999. The minimum session contribution is £27, which can be reduced if needed

  • by up to £12 if in employment
  • by up to £17 if on benefits or receiving a combination of employment income and benefits

This support is available from the Cogwheel Counselling Support Fund (subject to funds being available) and which tops up to the minimum session contribution amount of £27.

How many counselling sessions will I receive?

Cogwheel is able to offer you up to 20 counselling sessions at your agreed contribution rate.

Clients wishing to extend beyond 20 sessions will need to pay the full rate of £65/session both for adults and children.

How will I pay for my sessions?

We won’t ask for a payment until we are able to offer you an initial assessment appointment. In order to secure your assessment and ensure continuity in your counselling, we kindly request that all payments are made in advance. This can be done either over the phone or through a reusable payment link that we will email you when confirming your assessment appointment.

What if somebody else is paying for my counselling?

Cogwheel does accept insurance or other third-party payments, and arrangements for this must be made before your counselling begins. Where counselling sessions are being funded by another organisation or insurance company, we request that payments are made at the full rate of £65/session.