It’s always nice to hear comments from the people we’ve helped in the past. Here are just a few of those…

Being listened to Helped to look at things in a different way.
Having a safe place to talk about very private and difficult subjects.
Helped me find confidence in myself and think more positive and understand why i behave and react to this like i did before.
That I had someone who helped me through a very hard time when there was no one else.
Helped me find confidence in myself and think more positive and understand why I behave and react to this like I did before.
Consistent meetings and a welcoming, professional feeling. Felt that I was supported and was able to talk openly with my counsellor.
I felt like it was the first time someone actually understood how I was feeling but no judgements. The counsellor always gave me the time I needed to talk through my problems.
Being able to talk about my troubles, being challenged to change my ways of thinking about myself, my family and my future.
Having a very observant question asked of me, which made me ask myself if I was being realistic in my expectations.
One to one counselling provided me some insight into some issues. Changes and progress started during the 12-week counselling period.
My son is still using the ideas / games he was given to manage his worries/concerns.
My head is much clearer. I feel happier and able to move on with my life.
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